What to Expect

Phone Consultation
The first step is to contact me. Dr. Molly, by email or my assistant Cherie by phone. The step will serve to answer some basic and or general questions and to determine the next best option for you. All phone consultations are of no charge.

In-Home Consult with Dr. Molly
In-home consultations may be the right choice if you are struggling with what the right decision may be for you and your loved ones. You may not even begin to know how to make this decision. In-home consultations are helpful in that I can evaluate your pet in the comfort of his or her own environment and with this information we can determine together how best to go about preparing you and your loved one for the next step or steps. Consults are scheduled to last anywhere from 30-60 minutes.


I will arrive at your home during our scheduled appointment with an assistant. I will need you to fill out paperwork giving us permission to proceed with the euthanasia and also permission to ensure the after care of your choice. We will also receive payment at this time so that ALL the paper work and invoicing is complete as this will allow all of us to then be able to focus completely on your pet’s comfort and peace.

When you are ready, I will administer a sedative under the skin. You may choose to be present for this or not. It is entirely up to you and I urge you to choose whatever will make you the MOST comfortable. This sedative will produce a very deep sleep. It may take 3-5 minutes to take effect. Your pets eyes will remain open but they will be mostly unconscious once it takes effect. Once your pet is asleep, I will clip an area over a vein and administer an overdose of anesthetic. Your pet will feel no pain and will pass peacefully and quickly.

I will go over this procedure with you as many times as you need me to. We will only proceed when all of your questions are answered and you feel as comfortable as you can with what to expect.