Dr. Molly has earned a reputation for compassionate, professional and personal attention. Her gentle approach allows her to provide a peaceful experience, which is crucial at such a difficult time.

Helping people feel less alone, more connected and taken care of has become a primary focus of her career. She elaborates on her passion for helping others in her article Why I Devote My Time To At Home Euthanasia.

The decision to put our pets to sleep can be overwhelming and feel quite complicated, and you are not alone in your thoughts of “is this the right decision for my pet and I?” Dr. Molly brings light to the questions she has received over the years regarding at home euthanasia, and provides answers in the below FAQ. The questions outlined in her article Deciding When It’s Time, aid us when deciding if it is time to proceed with gently guiding our pet companions through end of life, and in 5 Action Steps For Dealing With Grief she offers supportive actions to help cope.

Why I Devote My Time To At Home Euthanasia

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding When It’s Time

5 Action Steps For Dealing With Grief