Donations in your Pet’s Name

For each visit that From Home to Heaven performs, a donation will be made in your name to an organization called THE EMPATH PROJECT.

Empath was created by a team of veterinary professionals with the goal of helping loving families provide veterinary care when otherwise not financially possible.

While we have many heart-warming examples of the help that Empath has provided, Bandit is the dog whom speaks the loudest in my heart. He is a 3-year-old Boston Terrier whom was brought into a veterinary emergency service by Animal Control because he was shot while trying to protect his owner during a home invasion. Bandit’s entire family was un-reachable and dealing with the turmoil of the home invasion. Empath was contacted and able to fund not only the initial emergent stabilization of Bandit, but also the steps and surgery needed to save his life.

Empath understands that while all animals cannot be saved, sometimes families simply need some financial support. By donated to Empath, you and I help ensure that “the fixable’ can, indeed, be fixed.


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