Dr. Molly now offers comprehensive in-home hospice consultations. She will examine your pet in the comfort of your own home and gather detailed information so that she can uniquely address the physical, psychological and social needs of your pet once diagnosed with a chronic or life limiting disease.  Areas that will be specifically addressed include: pain control, hydration and nutrition maintenance, anxiety control and sleep quality.   Once a treatment plan is discussed and decided upon, Dr. Molly will communicate with your regular veterinarian for needed on-going supportive treatments and any necessary follow-up testing.

Comfort and well-being to the entire family is Dr. Molly’s goal.  


Veterinary Hospice is our in-home service dedicated to providing gentle and peaceful care for your pets when they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or permanently debilitating condition.


Veterinary in-home hospice care provides an alternative to the traditional approach of aggressively treating terminally ill patients. Our primary focus is to care for and meet the holistic needs of pets and their families during the final stages of life. Managing pain and preserving the dignity of life using different palliative methods is critical.

  • Trauma/disease that severely impairs pet’s mobility or excretion control
  • Chronic illness that affects daily routine
  • Cancer with metastasis (wide-spread throughout organs)
  • Geriatric patient with multiple degenerative diseases


Palliative Care

Continuous quality of life evaluation

Pain level assessment and treatment: home setting adjustment, acupuncture and herbal medications

Chronic Pain Management

Dr. Molly’s approach involves multiple pain medication, nutritional supplements, and therapies such as massage and acupuncture.


Our at home hospice patients often experience low-grade or chronic fluid and calorie deficits. We work with our hospice patients and clients on how best to ensure adequate calorie and fluid balance.  Often this includes administering fluids under the skin, diet recommendations for specific diseases and appetite enhancement.  Quality of life is directly related to quality of sleep, pain control, relief from anxiety, and calorie and fluid requirements.  We hope to enhance at home comfort care for the maximum amount of time by balancing all of your pets’ needs.


Consultation $185*

  • Review of medical records
  • Quality of life evaluation
  • Physical Exam
  • Individualized care plan

*Travel fees may apply

To schedule your consultation, or for additional information please call: 609-922-0696