Mission Statement Created by Dr. Molly Northrop

When starting this endeavor, Dr. Molly was inspired by a desire and a dedication to ease the end of life decisions we face with our beloved pets. Often our four-legged children are our best friends and our constant daily companions. Facing life without them can feel undeniably overwhelming. The decision to say goodbye can be one of the most difficult decisions that we face. Ensuring that our pets’ end of life is filled with love, comfort and peace can help us through this understandably upsetting time. Dr. Molly is committed to offering a compassionate and guiding hand during this process.


All phone consultations are of no charge.
Please call Cherie Grider at 609-922-0696 with questions or to set-up an in-home consult. Dr. Molly may be reached by e-mail at gridersark@verizon.net